Invest in Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

Generate residual income, protect yourself against inflation and, most importantly, create a positive balance sheet containing solid assets that will offer the greatest growth potential over the next 10 years.

Invest in Property in Lanaudière

As described in the book “L’immobilier en 2025” published by Éditions La Presse, selective horizontal real estate, that is, land, will be your best investment!

Seigneurie du Moulin offers various investment opportunities, including:

  • Invest in river-front property

  • Invest in property in the mountains

Your options:

1 One Investment – Two Incomes!

Price: $285,000. Down payment: 5%

Become the owner of your principal or secondary residence in the Lanaudière mountains on an approximately 60,000 sq² plot of land. You can earn hassle-free rental income from your secondary home through our rental management companyand enjoy it yourself with your family! We also provide you with a loft in Montreal free of charge for two years! You can live in it or rent it — and the income is yours to keep!

2 Peace of Mind

Price: Starting at $55,000. Down payment: Starting at 0%

Buy your dream property now in the mountains or along the Assomption River. Take advantage today of our pre-sale prices (2011 prices!) and make your dream come true whenever it suits you best.You will enjoy an excellent selection of property still available while protecting yourself against price increases. Give yourself peace of mind.

3 Calm Investor

Price: Starting at $100 000. Down payment: Starting at 0%

You have no time to lose with tenants. Your RRSPs yield a low return. The ups and downs of the stock market make your skin crawl. Then choose a hassle-free, solid investment that offers the greatest growth potential over the next 10 years. Buy 5 plots of land and receive the sixth one free!


*Prices do not include applicable taxes.
**Required down payment percentages depend on an analysis of the buyer’s financial statements. Certain conditions apply.

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