Project description

Properties in Ste. Béatrix in Lanaudière

Seigneurie du Moulin is an extensive and unique area with properties for sale located in Ste. Béatrix, near St. Côme and St. Jean-de-Matha, in Matawinie county in the wonderful Lanaudière administrative region. It is an extensive and unique area with several properties for sale where you can fulfill your dream of building a chalet or a secondary residence in Lanaudière. The area, which spans more than 420 acres in theSte. Béatrix mountains, is being developed in a single phase.

Lanaudière Chalet

Seigneurie du Moulin is the ideal place to establish your secondary residence or chalet in Lanaudière: all roads that provide access to the various lots for sale are municipalized and maintained year-round and electrical installations already serve all of the building sites.The place is located in the countryside on an exceptional site in the Matawinie RCM. Whether you are looking for a river-front chalet in Lanaudière or a chalet in the Lanaudière mountains, the Seigneurie du Moulin region has perfect locations to realize your dream. The area is ideal if you are looking for:

Ste. Béatrix Chalet

Establishing your chalet in Ste. Béatrix in Lanaudière is a smart choice that will allow you to get closer to nature while being just one hour from Montreal and all conveniences. Ste. Béatrix has an elementary school, a caisse populaire, a Metro grocery store, a gas station, a pharmacy, a convenience store, a restaurant, a garage, a golf course, and much more. Near your future chalet in Ste. Béatrix is St. Côme’s ski slopes, Super Glissades de Saint-Jean de Matha, Ranch 4 Saisons horseback riding centre, Voltige Skydiving centre, and much more.

Project Plan

The Seigneurie du Moulin project, which is being developed in a single phase, spans over 420 acres, with 2 kilometres of rivers, including a 4 km private municipal road, which is maintained year-round. There are 130 mountain views, the famous hilltop village, the 2014 Maison Opération Enfant Soleil, as well as several properties that directly overlook the Assomption River. In addition, some exceptional properties, called “Jewels”, are available for the mostdiscerning clients who would like to purchase vast river-front properties in Lanaudière.
View the project plan.

Chalet Construction

Once you have chosen your river-front or mountain-side property in Seigneurie du Moulin, you are free to plan the construction of your chalet as you wish. If you want to keep it simple, you might consider having your chalet factoryassembled by our partner Confort Design. At no additional cost, this factory-built home will be fully connected to the municipal road, your own artesian well, sanitation facilities and the Hydro-Québec network. This opportunity makes life easier and allows you to get your own land and your own chalet in Lanaudière at little cost! Alternatively, you can undertake the building of your chalet yourself when you feel the time is right.